Friday, July 10, 2009

blisters, bruises, and sun burn: All in the name of manual labor

    I arrived in Marshfield, WI just in time to spend the 4th of July with my family. We were invited to a BBQ and got to meet the neighbors. It was a low key evening--I appreciated it.

    The Wiitala clan delayed the celebration of this national holiday by one day. (Which happened to be my cousin Angie and her husband Aaron's 1st Anniversary!) On Sunday, I somehow became the grill master (Well, after my cousin, Brock fired up the grill for me). We ate a hearty lunch and exchanged stories.  Alyssa, Aaron, Angie, Daniel and I went fishing at our family's cabin--I caught a deformed turtle and we ended the night with a bonfire. It was a wonderful day!

    Here is where the manual labor begins. I was eager to help my parents around our farm! I began by taking part in "hay day." I  spent an afternoon mowing lawn. I scraped cow poo and helped with upkeep of our farm. Today my mom, dad, and I tore up concrete slabs that once were a sidewalk...yeah we are that hardcore. 

    As a direct result of the previous activities any skin exposed to the July sun now bares a red hue. My palms are bruised. Blisters cover portions of hands and feet-- a few fingers went beyond blistering --skin was actually torn off due to the exertion. 

    These wounds just prove that I am not home nearly enough. I had a great time helping my parents. Down and dirty-- all in the name of manual labor! The time at home has gone by too quickly. Tomorrow I begin another journey to Michigan! Stay tuned for further updates!  

    Take note of the t-shirts these two are sporting:
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  1. You look pretty much like a Cheesehead to me :)