Monday, December 3, 2012

All you need is a hug...

 On Saturday, I traveled to a village outside of Odessa called Barboy. We delivered a van-full of clothing to a home where 150 mentally and physically disabled adult live. A group of them came out to help us unload the van. Many of them just wanted a hug. 

 Dima, one of the Roma boys came with to help. 

Here is the crew from "Way of Love Church" in Odessa. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Polish Souvenirs

As if having food poisoning wasn't enough to put a damper on my visit to Poland, I surely made the remainder of my trip--anything but restful.

Feeling a bit dizzy and light-headed I staggering into Lindsay's kitchen to pour myself some juice. After struggling a bit with the whole—juice pouring situation, I realized that laying down now took priority over the juice I so desperately wanted. Setting the glass on the counter, I turned to the direction of the couch.

That's when I passed out.

It was all very dream like--my head was tossed about like a violent pinball game, but the intense pain was indication--- that this wasn't a dream. I landed on my back halfway from the counter to my destination: the couch. Suddenly I got a wet sensation on my head that began to drip down my neck. I touched my hair and gasped as I stared at the blood covering my hand. "Oh no! I am bleeding."

I jumped up from my puddle of blood, leaving a blood drip trail and my bloody finger prints....I made my way to the bathroom. (It looked like a horror film set) I applied pressure to my head with the nearest towel in reach. I lay on the bathroom floor, not knowing what to do. "I don't speak Polish, Lindsay doesn't speak Polish.  This could be a problem"

Of course as I lay on the floor the power went i moved myself into the hallway. I crawled into the bedroom to get my phone to send Lindsay warning that I had bled all over her apartment. I just couldn't bare the thought of her coming home to see me lying in a pool of my own blood.

She and her roommate came home, cleaned and disinfected their apartment, and assessed the wound. "Yup, there is a big cut."

We were supposed to meet a missionary couple living in Opole for coffee that day. I ruined the coffee part of the meeting and instead it was an ER meeting. They graciously took me to the hospital, translated for me, and even got to help push me on a gurney through the Polish ER.

I have been praying for the last three years for God to keep me away from Ukrainian hospitals but realized that I should have been adding a E. European clause to my prayers. It was quite an experience. There were many funny things that happened during my visit to the hospital in Poland. Overall it was a decent experience.

I am so grateful to the Ayers family for all their help. They dropped everything to help me! It was a true picture and testament of God's loving hands--protecting me and helping me through a little trial.

I left with 6 Polish stitches as souvenirs and the guarantee that Lindsay will remember my visit!
 Post hospital look 

Head wound #1- 6 stitches
 Head wound #2

The stitches are out and the wound is healing. 

A day in Krakow, Poland

Lindsay, Laura, and I headed to Krakow for the day. We got up and boarded an early train.

 It was quite a rainy day. We were excited to warm up with some coffee in this cute cafe.

 Waiting for our free tour to start

We got to meet up with a friend and fellow SEND missionary in Krakow. He gave up an insider tip about a delicious Mexican restaurant. We were all very excited that we took his advice. 

I was able to fly back to Odessa from Krakow. As always my least favorite part of visiting with friends is having to say goodbye! 

Opole, Poland

On my way back from the wedding I decided to stay in Poland with my friend Lindsay who just moved to the city of Opole a month before my visit. She and her British roommate, Laura, moved there to teach English.  Opole is a cute little city. I really enjoyed my time walking around. 

 I forced my way into Papa Jack's American Restaurant 

 I think the World Series was on...

Check out these AMERICAN size portions:

 We were seated BEHIND the band...

 Laura and Lindsay

Yes I did drink great coffee and got to see new places....but the best part was hanging out and laughing with my dear friend. She is a treasure and kindred spirit! It's nice knowing she is just a time zone away!